...is always worth telling. In a time where the stream of both aged and newborn products, ideas, concepts and dreams are passing by in a high tempo, the craft of making your audience stand still and listen to you is harder but more important then ever.

Cimon Nicolas Studio provides you with the opened mind of telling the story in your very own way by creating the content, concept and personal relationships that is handmade for you and your brand. Believing in taking a closer look into the story between A to B - what will show without telling.

Together with the best possible team handpicked and suited for you, your brand and dream individually we give you a modern take on PR, native marketing, creative directing, art directing and photography.


  • Hobo Hotel
  • At Six Hotel
  • Historiska Hem
  • BOY Magazine
  • Frontmen
  • Cohn & Wolfe Stockholm
  • Pretto PR
  • Autoropa Italian Brands
  • MEC Global
  • Whitehead PR
  • Roamer
  • Pepsi
  • Vass PR
  • Thomas Hägg PR

Cimon's STORY

Jan Cimon Nicolas Grenhagen Lundberg is an award winning writer born and based in Stockholm since 1990. He started his career as a photographer in the age of 15 when he bought his very first camera. Since then he has created a new way of telling a story in other than words, and if in words always on his own way. 

A curiosity of a creative mind led him to be one of Skandinaviens first and also biggest male digital influensers of his time working with both TV and radio. Later on to becoming the editor in chief of his own magazine, founder of several agencies providing content, concepts and marketing strategies within real estate, interior, fashion, food and lifestyle clients. Also with a big passion for people traveling the country holding lectures about human rights and LGBTQ.

Cimon Nicolas has combined the passion for photography and his writing by studying poetry, producing and directing film, creating scripts - all to be able to always create new material for tomorrow by thinking one step ahead of whats not yet excisting.